• Coat
    Wool, silk, inclusions, felted rope, Eco dyed spun and crochet cap
  • Wall hanging
    Layered wool
  • Wrap
    Wool and silk on silk
  • Dress
    Wool, silk, inclusions
  • Wrap/ wall hanging
    Detail of 210 cm x 50 cm Wool and silk on silk
  • Dress
    Eco dyed silk
  • Vest and hat
    Wool,silk fabric, silk
  • Scarf
    Wool, Eco dyed silk, doilies, silk
  • Jacked back
    Wool, silk fabric, inclusions

Welcome to my Website

Please feel feel to browse my site.

I am a textile artist with many diverse crafts. My passion is felting with natural materials to create cloth and form. 

Handmade felt is highly versatile and can be made into all manner of items; from hats, bags, clothing and accessories, to sculpture and visual art objects.

For futher infomation about prices or size, please send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.